Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal Web Based Processing Solution

BCG Virtual Terminal Web Based Processing Solution

The BCG Virtual Terminal web based processing solution is available to merchants of all types. Instead of swiping or keying transactions with a traditional credit card machine, merchants can use any computer with an internet connection to process payments. Furthermore, our Virtual Terminal allows you to authorize and settle transactions, view reports, and manage users all from the convenience of your web browser. This solution streamlines card acceptance and offers more robust account maintenance and reporting capabilities than a traditional credit card machine. And our Virtual Terminal supports swiped transactions. So retailers can take advantage of a lower swiped interchange rate.

  • Simplicity – Virtual Terminal is easy to use. No need to waste computer memory with additional software. Simply log on to the Internet and start processing transactions.
  • Flexibility – Because Virtual Terminal is a web-based application, you can log on from any PC.
  • Control – Virtual terminal allows you to create multiple users and manage their permissions.
  • Affordable – Virtual Terminal costs less than most traditional credit card machines. And with the integrated card swiper, your swiped transactions will qualify for a lower rate.

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